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  1. Our aim is to ensure that all the dogs in our care are found loving new homes, where a lifestyle, appropriate to the Staffie breed can be assured.
  2. We will undertake a home visit to ensure the home environment is suitable to the breed and nature, and that the home and garden environment is compatible for keeping a dog. During this visit we will interview all the prospective owners and members of the household
  3. You may be asked to provide suitable valid identification confirming your name and address.
  4. Prospective owners must be aged 18 or over.
  5. We will not rehome dogs to any household with children under the age of 5 years, and reserve the right to increase this minimum age level for specific dogs.
  6. If you do not own your home we may require written permission from your council, housing association or landlord.
  7. As Staffies are companion animals we will not rehome to potential owners who are likely to leave a dog alone for long periods of time
  8. We will not rehome a dog to an environment where the dog will be kept outside the home
  9. We will not rehome dogs to working roles such as security or policing – all dogs will be rehomed to a loving home environment as a family member
  10. You must bring any other dog that resided at your home and any dogs that visit your home on a regular basis to be introduced to your prospective new dog at the original time of viewing
  11. We expect all new owners to understand that rehoming a rescue dog is a serious commitment and give their new dog a reasonable amount of time to settle to its new life. Happy Staffie Rescue will help and support new owners through the transitional phase of rehoming a Staffie. If an irresolvable problem arises the dog should be returned to Happy Staffie Rescue.
  12. The viewing of dogs is made by appointment only, and dates and times are subject to the requirements of the boarding kennels where our dogs stay.
  13. We are a charity, and our income is solely from public and local business donations, and activities for generating income including organised events and the sale of donated goods, therefore we ask for a donation to enable us to do what we do. We suggest a donation of £135 though the amount you give is up to you, this helps us cover the cost of kennelling fees, neutering (where appropriate), flea and worming treatments, chipping, veterinary costs (including vet check and grooming)
  14. Our decision to rehome a dog is made for the benefit of the dog in question and is entirely at the discretion of Happy Staffie Rescue. We are unable to suggest or guarantee rehome approval until the home check is carried out and all potential owners and household members are interviewed
  15. We cannot guarantee that any dog featured on our web site will be suitable for a prospective owner.  See below for further information*
  16. We cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any dog once it has been rehomed, however any behavioural, anxiety, temperament or health issues the dog may have will be made clear to prospective owners.  See below for further information**.
 * We cannot guarantee that any dog featured on our website will be suitable for a prospective owner
The dogs currently in our care have differing needs and can only be matched to a new home once one of our home checkers has completed a successful home visit.   

** We cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any dog once it has been rehomed.
To the best of our ability all our dogs are given health and temperament assessments.  However once a dog has settled into a new home his or her behaviour can sometimes change.  Often dogs take several weeks to adjust to a new home. They can display a variety of behaviours from fear and nervousness to joy and excitement. 

We strongly advise new owners to undertake reward-based training to quickly encourage your dog to behave in the manner you want and respond to your commands. We can only advise on the temperament of any dog while it is in our care, or in rare occasions based on the information provided by previous owners.

We cannot guarantee how dogs in our care will interact with children or other family pets so care should be taken at all times and as with any dog no young children should be left alone with a dog unsupervised.


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